April 27, 2022

University of Washington develops COVID-19 vaccine, South Korea to order 10M doses

KOMONews: SEATTLE – The University of Washington has developed a COVID vaccine and will soon have it shipped overseas for use.

by Gerald Tracy, KOMONews.com Digital Producer

The vaccine, called GPB510, was developed at the UW School of Medicine along with SK bioscience, which is leading the clinical development. The two are seeking South Korea authorization for use within a month.

Development started when Seattle scientists looked to create a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine would be effective at low doses, safe, simple to make on a large scale and stable without deep freezing.

GPB510, fully approved by regulators, will be available through COVAX and South Korea has agreed to buy 10 million doses and UW said it is licensing the technology royalty-free throughout the pandemic.

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A Phase 3 clinical trial found that the second-generation vaccine generates high levels of neutralizing antibodies.

Elicitation of Potent Neutralizing Antibody Responses by Designed Protein Nanoparticle Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, Cell, Volume 183, Issue 5, 25 November 2020, Pages 1367-1382.e17
Experimental Model and Subject Details