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Computational and Data Analysis Core (CDAC)


The CDAC uses a systems biology approach to perform data analysis using data sets from studies of NHP models linked to cell culture, tissue, rodent models, and human specimens within larger studies. The Core serves NHP researchers to continuously evaluate/adapt the latest computational methods and software for up-to-date computational pipelines.

The CDAC provides the hardware, software, bioinformatic and computational services needed for systems-level analyses. This expertise can be accessed by external investigators through the WaNPRC genomics core, Seattle Genomics.

Key capabilities include:

  • IT infrastructure data management
  • Data processing and analysis of data generated by the HTMP, including differential gene expression and pathway analyses
  • Integrated data analysis utilizing metadata and multiple types of genome-wide data for characterization of NHP models
  • Construction of ontology atlases from cell-specific gene signatures