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Colony Services

The Colony Management staff is composed of Animal Technicians (AT), AT Supervisors, and the Colony Manager. Working as a team, they are primarily responsible for the daily husbandry care of the nonhuman primates housed at the Washington National Primate Research Center facilities. The staff delivers the high quality care which meets or exceeds the physical and psychological well-being needs of our nonhuman primates – as well as all applicable regulatory requirements related to laboratory nonhuman primates.

The Colony Management staff provides daily support for WaNPRC animals in the areas of:

  • Nutrition; complete and specific to protocols
  • Participation in Psychological Well-being husbandry protocols
  • Maintaining appropriate and compliant housing environment and assignments
  • Sanitation of facility, room, and caging equipment and custodial duties
  • Records maintenance including daily census documentation and health observations
  • Maintaining regulatory requirements for housing of nonhuman primates in a research setting
  • Transportation of nonhuman primates for consolidation, transfer, research protocols or veterinary procedures
  • Maintenance of supply inventory including husbandry items and personal protective clothing (PPE)