The computerized Animal Research Management System (ARMS) maintains a comprehensive data system for all Primate Resources units involved with nonhuman primate colony management. Information regarding every animal currently or previously maintained by the Washington National Primate Research Center is present in the ARMS data for all WaNPRC venues.

ARMS is a critical component of the daily management of the Center and is utilized on a daily basis for management decisions throughout the Washington National Primate Research Center.

ARMS personnel input data, maintain records, and assist with questions and data retrieval essential to the ongoing activities of the Center. This information is used for a number of applications within the Center such as:

  • Decisions regarding animal movements
  • Animal procurement planning
  • Operation of the Specific Pathogen Free breeding programs
  • Preventative medicine
  • Psychological Well-being programs
  • Evaluation and documentation of animal medical histories
  • Facilities planning
  • General administrative oversight of colony operations