Washington National Primate Research Center

The Vector and Cell Processing Core is under development and will be established soon, as part of the Division of Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (GTRM) at the WaNPRC.

The Vector and Cell Processing Core will be a centralized resource for vector-based gene therapy for a broad variety of nonhuman primate (NHP) studies. The Core will provide viral vectors, viral titer assessment, pre-validated control vectors, and assays to detect any replication competent viruses. The Core will also isolate ready-to-use cellular subsets from NHP peripheral blood and/or any tissue of interest, process and manufacture gene modified cell products for T cell and HSPC applications, and develop new technologies, platforms, and reagents to improve vector production.

Efforts are underway to construct The Vector and Cell Processing Core’s services, which will be available not only to the Core Staff and Research Affiliates located at the Center, but to the nonhuman primate scientific community at large.