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Project Review Process

Starting a new project at the WaNPRC requires several approvals and resource checks.  Many of these can be performed simultaneously, or are not required for all projects.  Please contact the Records and Logistics Coordinator (RLC) to discuss your specific needs.

New Project Checklist

  • Contact the Records and Logistics Coordinator (RLC) for an initial discussion of project needs.
  • Investigators who are not affiliated with the University of Washington will need to work with the Manager of Research Administration to prepare a Master Service Agreement (MSA).
  • The RLC will assist with budget development for specific projects. While there is no required form for this, the investigator needs to develop a scope of work (SOW) for the RLC to work from.
  • IACUC approval is needed for any project involving live animals. The Hoverboard system is used for electronic protocol approval.  Contact the Office of Animal Welfare for access and training.
  • IBC approval/EH&S guidance is required for projects involving biological, chemical, or radiological hazards. Fill out a Biological Use Authorization (BUA) application and submit to EH&S.
  • All projects that use animal resources must undergo peer review for scientific merit. If this has not been done by the funding agency, submit an application to the WaNPRC Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for peer review.
  • A WaNPRC Research Project Request form (RPR) must be submitted to the RLC to allow the Animal Resources Division (ARD) review the resources needed for the project.
  • A New/Change/Payor Budget Form must be submitted to the RLC to set up the budget for the project.
  • If a project is funded by a source other than NIH, approval from NIH is required to use primate center resources. After other approvals are obtained, ARD will do an animal availability analysis, advertise available animals on the NIH Animal Locator for a minimum of two weeks, and submit a request for approval.
  • Once the project is approved and opened, use the Animal Assignment Request Form to order animals.


Project approval requirement decision tree:

Click here to download the Checklist and Decision Tree