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Research Support Services

The Research Support Services group provides comprehensive service support for the majority of nonhuman primate-based research programs within the Washington National Primate Research Center. The Research Support Group is responsible for providing an infrastructure support system allowing both on- and off-site investigators an environment to successfully implement biomedical research projects. This group provides essential support to research groups utilizing resources at the University of Washington main campus and at satellite locations in Seattle.

A number of benefits are derived from the presence of a highly-trained, experienced group of research staff employed directly by the Center:

  • Procedures are performed by technically skilled individuals who perform the procedures frequently, minimizing the stress on primates and optimizing research data.
  • A number of different support activities are provided, including protocol development, regulatory document preparation, coordination of Washington National Primate Research Center and University of Washington resources, data acquisition and interpretation, primate-related technical procedures, and manuscript preparation.
  • The Research Support Services group allows investigative groups the ability to implement nonhuman primate research protocols irrespective of the primate experience present in their own investigative group.
  • Remote investigators can rely completely on the Research Support Services group for thorough protocol implementation.