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Instrumentation Services


The Instrumentation Services Core has been providing high-precision mechanical and electronic instrumentation since the inception of the WaNPRC. Moreover, because of its rich technical expertise, the Instrumentation Services Core also supplies invaluable support to the Center at large in such diverse areas as human-animal interactions and monitoring, or facility evaluation and design.

Instrumentation Services’ technical service is available not only to the Core Staff and Research Affiliates located at the Center but to the nonhuman primate scientific community at large. Where possible, the Instrumentation Services Core coordinates with outside investigators to increase the production quantities of individual devices, thereby maximizing the benefits and reducing unit costs for all clients. In the last 5-year period, 25% of the projects completed by the Instrumentation Services Core were commissioned by researchers outside the University of Washington. Efforts are underway that will enable even wider dissemination of Instrumentation Services’ design and fabrication work to researchers in the USA and abroad.

The Instrumentation Services Core stays current regarding technological advances in materials, components, and computing in order to offer the best possible state-of-the-art solutions for sophisticated problems.

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