April 11, 2022

WaNPRC Arizona Breeding Facility Fully Compliant with Federal Regulations

See USDA report from 3/28/2022 here

March 25, 2022

Animal research more crucial than ever

It is unfortunate that some members of Congress* are unaware of the excellent article written by Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, head of the division of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics at the Medical Research Council at the National Institute for Medical Research in London, that thoroughly debunks the notion that animal research plays little role in medical…

March 3, 2022

2022 Ignition Awards Recipients Named

The WaNPRC Pilot Program provides funding to collect preliminary data for future funding opportunities. The goal is to fund projects with innovative research endeavors that have translational implications to move toward human applications. This year there was a competitive pool of applications and we were able to provide funding to 2 projects. Please join us…

February 23, 2022

To speak out or not to speak out?

I applaud Elon Musk and Neuralink for their recent blog post about their work involving research animals, particularly monkeys. Biomedical and behavioral research institutions in this country would be wise to take a lesson. Musk, and his company Neuralink, recently came under fire from one of a number of anti-animal research extremist organizations when they…

January 29, 2022

WaNPRC’s Kristina Adams Waldorf Counters COVID Misinformation That Targets Pregnant Women

Primate Center core staff scientist, practicing OB/GYN and mom is leading the effort against COVID-19 vaccine misinformation around pregnancy KING TV: UW doctor fights COVID misinformation targeting pregnant women By Eric Wilkinson SEATTLE — The internet is filled with websites spreading lies and misinformation about COVID-19. A quick Google search finds page after page of…

January 27, 2022

WaNPRC Animal Program Fully Compliant with Federal Regulations

See USDA report from 1/26/2022 here

January 25, 2022

WaNPRC’s Deborah Fuller Speaks to The Conversation About the Future of Nucleic Acid Vaccines

How mRNA and DNA vaccines could soon treat cancers, HIV, autoimmune disorders and genetic diseases January 24, 2022 8.31am EST  – The Conversation The two most successful coronavirus vaccines developed in the U.S. – the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines – are both mRNA vaccines. The idea of using genetic material to produce an immune response has…

December 7, 2021

Dr. Michael Gale’s Lab: Studying the omicron variant of COVID-19

WaNPRC’s IDTM Core Staff Scientist addresses vaccine and antibody protection KING TV: Seattle lab studies omicron variant of COVID-19 By Glenn Farley Virus samples from Washington’s three positive omicron cases of COVID-19 are now in the hands of scientists in a super secure, Level 3 containment lab at UW Medicine’s complex of research centers in…

December 2, 2021

Q&A ‘About Dr. Basso’


Marking 10th Anniversary of Field Course with Mahasarakham University in Thailand

“We have managed to conduct this annual field course despite the pandemic – both last year and this year. And it was somewhat bittersweet, as this is the only field course (across all our program countries) that we will be able to conduct in 2021. Mahasarakham University also hosted a special seminar to celebrate the…

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